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La Rioja and San Juan, Argentina

Destination La Rioja and San Juan

La Rioja and San JuanThe provinces of La Rioja and San Juan are situated on the foot of the majestic Andes mountain range, on the border to Chile. This region of Argentina rewards visitors with scenic valleys and much more natural beauty. San Juan and La Rioja's main attraction is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Ischigualasto and Talampaya National Parks that divide the two provinces. Both parks boast spectacular views of the world's landscape. They belong to the same geological formation and you can visit the Valley of the Moon (Ischigualasto), a 200 million year old lake-bed or enjoy a colorful sunset with a background of gigantic sculptures in a picturesque terracotta Canyon (Talampaya).

La Rioja was founded in 1591 and then severely damaged by an earthquake in 1894. It was then rebuilt and today presents itself as a beautiful colonial city. You will see notable examples of early Spanish buildings and the convents of Santo Domingo and San Francisco. In the background of La Rioja, travelers will be awe-inspired by the majestic La Mexicana Mountain, a 20,250 ft. (6,250 m) high giant! Daytrips from La Rioja include the Santa Teresita Hot Springs and the Talampaya National Park.

La Rioja and San JuanSan Juan is a rather modern city with wide streets and attractive avenues. It is a charming city surrounded by picturesque mountains and other natural attractions. The city has a mild climate that makes it a fertile oasis and lets travelers enjoy beautiful natural, cultural and relaxing sites all year around. In the surroundings of San Juan you will find a favorable setting to practice mountain sports, hang gliding, river fishing and horseback-riding. Or visit an impressing wine cellar where famous Argentinean wines are produced.