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Patagonia, Argentina

Destination Patagonia

Fields in Patagonia - ArgentinaPatagonia is located in the southern tip of South America. It includes many areas of Argentina (or the Oriental side) and Chile (occidental side) and incluces the Andes mountains to the west and south, with plateaus and low plains to the east. Colorado River, Barrancas River, Tierra de Fuego and the Pampa Province are some locations that belong to Argentina's territory. Mountains, valleys, trees, lakes, snow and beaches surround The Patagonia; penguins, wolves and whales call this place home. The Patagonia has an immense archaeologic and palaeontologic legacy; a big number of fossils have been found and now they remain on the museums.

This area offers a lot of attractions and activities that combines awesome views, nature and adventure

Fields in Patagonia - ArgentinaPatagonia is an ideal area for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and trekking. There are several national parks, mountains, and forests. Its fast flowing rivers are perfect for rafting and canoeing. North Patagonia has many interesting volcanoes in both Argentina and Chile. They have several slopes to ascend and descend. In Catedral, Chapelco, Bayo and Perito Moreno mountains the skiing and snowboarding is very popular from mid June to late September. The most famous destinations in Patagonia are the Valdes Peninsula, Puerto Madryn, the Calafate, Ushuaia and Bolson; all this places combine nature and adventure, many sports and activities take place in this area: The visitor can discover amazing areas, hike or walk on the endless trails through the National Parks, go fishing or enjoy the water or winter sports.