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Argentina offers many attractions and destinations to tourists - stunning natural beauty, an elegant Capital with its very own flavor, and a passion for culture are as tempting as ever. Patagonia, Tango, the Pampas, Gauchos, Fine Dining, and Exquisite Wines, all make Argentina the best travel destination of South America.

For residents of the northern hemisphere, Argentina presents the possibility of enjoying two summers in the same year. Its elongated geography makes a visit in during any time of the year worthwhile. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Buenos Aires (the summer is hot and humid). Mendoza, Cordoba and the Lake District are all spectacular in autumn, when the leaves are fiery reds and yellows, the temperatures are comfortable and the crowds are thin. Patagonian destinations, such as the Perito Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz, are best visited between December and February, when the weather is milder and more travel services are available. Northern Argentina, including the Iguazu Falls on the subtropical border to Brazil, is also more pleasant in the southern hemisphere's winter or spring when heat and humidity are less oppressive. Ski season runs mid-June through mid-October, and the resorts are most crowded in July and August when every Che (person from Argentina) seems to be on the slopes.

Map of the Republic Argentina

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is the second largest city in South America and one of the biggest urban centers in the world. This city is also the most important cultural center in Argentina and one of the most important in Latin America; it offers a wide variety of museums, theaters, libraries and important Universities. This city has been declared “Design City” by UNESCO in 2005. It can be relaxing, cultural and tranquil or Buenos Aires can be exciting, funny and with an amazing nightlife. Either way is a good option to spend the vacations in Buenos Aires!

Patagonia is located in the southern tip of South America and includes many areas of Argentina (or the Oriental side) and Chile (occidental side) and incluces the Andes Mountains, valleys, trees, lakes, snow and beaches. Patagonia has an immense archaeologic and palaeontologic legacy; a big number of fossils have been found and now they remain on the museums. Patagonia is an ideal area for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and trekking. There are several national parks, mountains, and forests. Its fast flowing rivers are perfect for rafting and canoeing. The most famous destinations in Patagonia are the Valdes Peninsula, Puerto Madryn, the Calafate, Ushuaia and Bolson; all this places combine nature and adventure, many sports and activities take place in this area: The visitor can discover amazing areas, hike or walk on the endless trails through the National Parks, go fishing or enjoy the water or winter sports.

Cordoba is an Argentinean province located on the base of Andes Mountains, known as the Sierra Chica. It is roughly between Santiago in Chile and Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina. The province of Cordoba has the second largest population and is the fifth largest in the country. The main city is called Gran Cordoba and is the most important cultural center. Cordoba is well known because of its geographic location. It is a great base camp for trips into the Andes or into the Pampa. The colonial evidence and modernism is best seen in their churches and other buildings. This lively city offers green areas as well such as the Sarmiento Park which is located just few minutes away from the city center in one of the highest areas in the zone.

The Mendoza province is located on the west side of Argentina and bordering with Chile. Its main city is also called Mendoza, and sits on the shores of the Andes Mountains. This lively town is very popular among travelers for its breathtaking views and the abundant vineyards irrigated by the amazing Mendoza and San Juan Rivers. The green cities of Cuyo are surrounded by the charming waters of its irrigation channels. The Mendoza Province is a prime outdoor recreation area and enjoyed by all Argentineans, offering mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, skiing, and white water rafting among other activities. Wine, snow and adrenaline; these three words best describe Mendoza!

The Salta province is situated in the north-western part of Argentina in the Lerma Valley. It lies on the base of the San Bernardo and the 20 de Febrero Mountains and is bordered by Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and 6 Argentinean provinces. Its beautiful surroundings attract people from all over the world. The houses, buildings, streets and monuments reflect Hispanic architecture from the colonial period when the city was founded. Lots of statues, churches and museums decorate the parks and streets of the city.

The Puerto Iguazu is located in Misiones on the Argentinean border with Brazil and Paraguay. The main attractions of this tourism town are its breathtaking Iguazu Waterfalls. They consist of 275 falls along 1.67 miles of the Iguazu River. Some of the individual falls reach up to 269 feet in height, while the majority is about 210 feet high. This spectacular natural attraction has been nominated as one of the new 7 natural wonders! Iguazu also features a National Park that has been declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO; featuring over 2000 species of plants, 450 species of birds and 80 species of mammals.

The San Carlos de Bariloche is a beautiful city located in Argentina, next to the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and close to the Andes Mountain Range. This gorgeous city was founded in 1902 and has since become one of the main tourist destinations of Argentina. In Bariloche sits the Cathedral Mount, one of the most important skiing centers in Argentina. In summer visitors can enjoy rafting, walking on the trails through the forests, ride a horse, mountain biking, hiking, and trekking; the river flow is ideal for sailing and kayaking. Night life in Bariloche is very exiting; the famous discotheques open the doors to the students and the visitors all night.