Attractions & Activities in Ushuaia

In Ushuaia, travelers can enjoy many sports. From skiing, hiking, kayaking and mountain biking to sport fishing or sailing, there are too many activities to list.

Ushuaia offer many museums throughout the city. Some good examples are the Maritime Museum, the Prison Museum, the End of the World Museum and the Yamana World Museum among others.

Hammer Island
Boats close to Hammer Island, UshuaiaThe Hammer Island is an ideal spot to see a colony of elegant Magellanic Penguins and the island is easily reachable from Ushuaia. Visitors have also the opportunity of enjoy trips in catamarans through Lapataia Bay, Sea Wolves Island, Bird Island, and other amazing Beagle Channel landmarks.

Tierra de Fuego National park
Thick southern beach forest cover this breathtaking park. This is a fantastic natural space where numerous flora and fauna species can be found.

Train of the End of the World - UshuaiaEnd of the World Train
Its amazing route passes through breathtaking snow-covered mountains, rivers, lakes, cascades, forests and more. This railroad use to transport prisoners during Ushuaia’s early days. And now is one of the most attractive activities of the region.