Attractions & Activities in La Rioja and San Juan

The National Park of Ischigualasto is located 185 miles (300 km) from San Juan. This park is also know as the valley of the moon where you can observe clay formation with a big variety of shapes and different layers of sediments and minerals from the Triassic period – telling the story of what happened back then on Planet Earth.

La Rioja
The Colonial City of La Rioja is worth a visit by itself. The city blends the past with modern times and touring around is something that every traverler should do. A city tour includes the history of its most memorable and important buildings of La Rioja.

The National Park of Talampaya is the pride of the people of La Rioja. The park has landscapes of great beauty, with flora and fauna. A basin between the Cerro Los Colorados to the west and the Sierra de Sanagasta is situated to the east. The landscape is the result of erosion by water and wind in a desert climate. To visit this park, it is recommended to hire an official guide with an AWD vehicle.

El Barreal and the Pampa del Leoncito
South west from San Juan, you will find a great valley which is crossed by rivers and channels and surrounded by snow-capped mountains that hide some of the quietest and most beautiful sceneries in the Cuyo region. The valley tourist resort is in the southern area, in the mild district of El Barreal, a town with dirt roads with a line of straight poplars on each side and a refreshing ditch with thaw waters. The Pampa and the Lion natural reserve is visited from El Barreal.

Wine is the most important industry of San Juan’s economy with traces back into the XIX century. Get an introduction to the wine and champagne culture and witness the various stages of winemaking in the main wineries in San Juan. A tourist circuit includes the three main wineries in the district of Pocitos, only 15 minutes from the San Juan.