Attractions & Activities in Puerto Madryn

Valdes Peninsula
Penguins in Valdes Peninsula, PatagoniaThe Valdes Peninsula is a great spot in the area. It has been declared the Worlds Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco. Here the great whale arrives to breed and birth every year during winter. There are also other mammal species such as sea lions, orcas and elephant seals.

Hands Cave
The hands cave is an amazing 9.300 years old cave located in the heart of southern Patagonia. It has been named after the stenciled outline of human hands in the cave (more than 890 of them), combined with hunting scenes and pictures of animals such as guanacos and pumas, still common in the region.

Los Glaciares National Park
Glaciers National Park covers an area of around 600.000 hectares. It is located in the Patagonia’s province of Santa Cruz. It has 47 glaciers, being Perito Moreno the most impressive - 5 km. long and about 80 meters high.