Attractions & Activities in Puerto Iguazu

National Parks

Iguazu National Park
This National Park has been declared as a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. It features 67.000 land hectares which include all the amazing Iguazu Waterfalls.

Luis Rolon Natural Park
The reserve created in 1995, it is a protected are that features a small jungle covered in native tall trees and a plaza.

Natural Attractions
Iguazu falls near San Martin Island
San Martin Island
This gorgeous island features a white sand beach and lets the visitor appreciate the heart of the waterfalls. It is accessible by boat, and offers amazing views such as the Devil’s Throat which is the most famous waterfall in the area.


Jungle Images Museum
Located in Iguazu, this interesting museum exhibits wooden sculptures of animals of the zone with an artistic point of view.

Mborore Museum
This museum has one room which exhibits elements of science, archeology and history. Objects like wooden sculptures, coins and stamps collections, and many object that belong to the ancient tribes of the zone.

Walking around

Aborigine Community
Visiting the Guaranies Mborore aborigine community is an interesting option. They make handcrafts to sell and visitors can appreciate how they do their job. Travelers can also walk in the jungle on one of the trails of this community.

Tancredo Neves International Bridge:
This bridge was built in 1983 and connects Brazil and Argentina crossing the Iguazu River. The Tancredo Neves Bridge is also known as the “Fraternity Bridge” It is 1,604 feet long, 54 feet wide and 230 feet high at its highest point.