Attractions & Activities in Patagonia

Valdes Peninsula
Giant whales, wolves, penguins birds and other species live in the Valdes Peninsula located few steps away from Puerto Madryn. This gorgeous Natural Reserve features 360 thousand hectares, and has been declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO because its amazing wildlife that abound the zone. Trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, camping, horse back riding, diving and whale watching are some activities that travelers can enjoy here.

Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn is located on the coast of the Chubut province on the shores of Nuevo Gulf between Punta Tombo and Punta Norte, south of Trelew. This important tourist center has beautiful beaches and areas where visitors can practice many water sports such as diving, jet-skiing, windsurfing and fishing.

The Calafate
Calafate Glacier in PatagoniaDiscover blue lakes and caves, sail on the freezing water of the Argentina's south, explore the forest riding a horse or just go fishing. The Calafate offers the visitor a wide selection of activities to enjoy vacations. Something you cannot miss during your visit here is the Perito Moreno glacier, which makes up the biggest sliding mass of ice and snow of The Glaciers National Park.

Travelers that visit Ushuaia can visit one of its World's Maritime museums, the old prison and enjoy its natural surroundings. This town is located very close to the Tierra de Fuego National Park, which means earth of fire in Spanish and it is inhabited by diverse flora and fauna species.

Very close to San Carlos de Bariloche in a fertile valley hidden between the Piltriquiton Hill- in Araucano, lies El Bolson where there is always something to do: fishing, rafting, horse race, ski, mountain bike, trekking, canoeing, or just harvest fruits, milking animals or participate in the different activities of the rural establishments.

Natural Reserves and World Heritage

Ischigualasto Provincial Park
Ischigualasto Provincial Park is one of the most important paleontologic sites in the world. It has fossil remains of vertebrates that inhabited the place in the Mesozoic era 180 million years ago. The landscape displays an extraordinary diversity of forms and colors.

Hands Cave
Hands Cave in PatagoniaTo the south of the town of Perito Moreno, there is one of the most significant displays of cave painting in Patagonia. Over 9,300-year-old hand prints and hunting scenes fill the caves and rocky walls of the Pinturas River canyon. It was declared World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 1999.

Punta Tombo Natural Reserve
Over 250,000 penguin couples gather here from mid September to the beginning of April. It is one of the most varied sea bird colonies in the world, which has the largest number of Magellanic penguins, seagulls, oyster catchers, imperial cormorants and rock cormorants

Water Sports

Sport Fishing
There are excellent places on the Patagonian coast to fish bass, hake, and sea bass. Some interesting fishing places to the south are San Antonio West by the San Matias Gulf, the San Jorge Gulf, Puerto San Julian and the Gallegos river mouth.

Whale Watching
Whales regularly come to the San Jose Gulf and the Nuevo Gulf to mate. Scientists know each one of them and also know if they return every year. Watching and taking pictures of whales and killer whales is a good option to enjoy vacations even more.

Winter Sports
Mountains in the Patagonia are an ideal area for skiing and snowboarding from mid June to late September. Catedral, Chapelco, Bayo and Perito Moreno mountains are some of the best options to go.


Patagonian Museum
This Museum is located in San Carlos de Bariloche. It was inaugurated on 1940. This museum features a permanent exhibition room which shows the culture and life from the XVI – XIX centuries and before that. The Patagonian Museum also offers a room for conferences and temporary exhibitions.