Attractions & Activities in Cordoba

Cultural Activities
Museums at Cordoba, ArgentinaCordoba offers a wide selection of theaters such as the Libertador General San Martin, the Municipal Comedy, the Real and the Bar Galileo Theaters, the Casona Municipal Francisco Vidal, the Alta Cordoba, the Spain, the San Vicente and the Paseo de las Artes Cultural Centers among others. Cordoba also conserves some historical monuments from the Spanish Colonial period such as the Catholic Church and the Jesuit Square which has been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2000.

Jesuit Square
Discover the amazing work done by Jesuits. Enjoy the visit to the old buildings belonging to this Order and get dazzled by the objects kept here in the so called Jesuit Square which has been declared Cultural Heritage to Humanity by UNESCO.

Sarmiento Park
Sarmiento Park in the city of CordobaThe Sarmiento Park was designed at the end of the last century and is located only a few minutes away from the city center in one of the highest areas of Cordoba. Here visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as picnics, visit the zoological garden, rest on the benches, enjoy the view of the ponds and fonts, and practice some sports.

The Rose Mountain
This area has been dedicated to rose forestation, but it also features a wide variety of pubs and restaurants that serve national and international dishes.

Cordoba offers a wide selection of museums such as the Cordoba's Medicine History Museum, the Cordoba's Bank Museum, The Zoology museum and the Bellas Artes museum among others.